How to Judge Whether or Not Managed Print Services Is Suitable for Your Business

Managed print services is probably a term that you've heard about, however you may be uncertain whether or not the service can benefit your business; after all, the assumption is that printers and copiers are never hard to understand. Nonetheless, the critical question should not be how difficult understand printing devices is; rather ask yourself these 4 questions and find out the importance of managed printing services for your business.

1. What does managed print services entail?

Managed print services are basically services provided by an external provider to acquire visibility and control of your company's printing and document output with the objective of optimizing the printing devices and their overall output. This includes:

  • Analyse the copies generated by office employees and production print processes.
  • Carry out a comprehensive, up-front evaluation to examine your existing printing infrastructure including office copiers, printers, fax machines and scanners.
  • Devise a roadmap to cut the number and types of printing equipment and supplies whereas satisfying your business printing needs.

2. Does your office or workplace have any printing technology?

If you have three printing devices in your small office or hundreds of printers and copiers, managed print services is ideal for your business. Regardless of the size and volume of your print equipment, you can be sure that print management can benefit your business.

3. Have you devised a print strategy?

Many businesses don't take the initiative to formulate a print strategy. It's time-consuming and is hardly considered a top priority. This lazy approach contributes to a considerable sum of money in terms of printing costs for the company. Formulating a print strategy which effectively oversees and manages your printing devices can provide your business with significant cost savings.

For example, one common printing strategy is to eliminate personal printers, by migrating office workers to shared printers and allowing your staff to print to any printing device on the network. For those who already have devised a print strategy, the question becomes, are they getting the most out of their printing devices? Fundamentally, managed print services suite is a print strategy by itself, and professional providers have vast experience and knowledge in print management efficiency. They can advise you cost-saving opportunities that you hadn't seen or thought about before.

4. What are your printing expenses?

A lot of business don't know the accurate figures of their printing expenses. Often, businesses only factor in the cost of the print devices, service as well as supplies. Yet, several other indirect expenses add up to the overall printing investment which include maintenance, staff burden rates as well as equipment life. All these contribute to a much higher than expected figure, which is bad news for many companies. Providers of managed print services can help you in calculating your total printing costs during a preliminary assessment and then compare these figures to an optimized printing environment. Generally, managed print services program provides significant cost saving prospects that are presently being snubbed.