3 Things You Should Consider Adding To Your Cardboard Product Packaging Design

Cardboard is a great product packaging option. It's light, it's cheap, and it can be recycled to reduce your business' carbon footprint. If you have decided to go with cardboard as your packaging option, the next step of the process is to design your containers in anticipation of your target market. Apart from the obvious product name and safety handling information, read about 3 other things that should be on your cardboard containers.

Brand colours

When it comes to packaging and branding, colour is a highly effective tool. Colour helps to attract the attention of the customer from afar. When brand colours are used, they are twice as effective because they also help to distinguish your product from those of your competitors, and from afar as well. Combined, these two factors increase the chances of your products being picked up from the shelves on the retail end of the supply chain. When deciding how to apply brand colours to your cardboard design, think about using a background colour that will provide your brand colours with as much exposure as possible.


Another crucial aspect of your cardboard container design that you simply must implement is the trademark. The trademark here can be the actual registered trademark, any unregistered trademark or the company logo. Just like with the brand colours, the trademark helps guide customers to identify your products. It also ensures that closely-branded products are not mistaken for yours by your loyal customers. However, what's different with the trademark is that it capitalizes on your brand image to market the product. People who may not know the product will know the trademark, and that will help guide them to make a purchase.

Product information

Last, but not least, is the product description. For loyal customers who understand the product, this may not be important. However, for first-time prospective buyers, product information on the product packaging carries a lot of weight in determining if they will buy your item or not. Some of the pertinent information you should add here includes the product's benefits, ingredients, the weight of the package, how to use the product, how to store it safely, customer care contacts, etc. If you are thorough and your product information is satisfactory to the prospective buyer, your product looks more legit and trustworthy, and you enjoy more sales.

Not sure if your cardboard container design is up to the mark? Is poor packaging hurting your sales? Talk to a cardboard container design team and find out.