Essential Tips For Designing Printed Marketing Materials

Advertising a business requires using multiple methods, including local advertising. This is where the benefit of printed marketing materials and promotional products comes in. From brochures to postcards, it is important to design and print them with your potential customer in mind. Here are some tips to follow when designing your printed marketing materials.

Be Consistent With the Style

While each marketing material is going to be slightly different based on the intention, you still want to have the same general style. You should be incorporating your business logo and colour scheme into the marketing materials so that your customers can identify these materials with your business. This is all part of the branding process, where your logo is easy to identify and relate to your business. When someone gets a promotional postcard in the mail with your business branding style, they automatically know it is from your business and might be more willing to read it.

Use a Good Balance of Graphics and White Space

A common mistake made by people designing promotional materials is that they use too many graphics or not enough. You need to find that unique balance between using colours, images, and fonts to make it interesting, but keep it from becoming distracting and overwhelming. If every inch of the page is filled with text or images, it becomes hard to really focus your eyes on anything. Instead, stick to a limited number of colours and font styles, and only include graphics to accent the information, not overwhelm it. A professional graphic designer can help you with this if you're not sure how much is too much.

Create a Fun and Unique Twist on Inserts

For brochures, you likely have at least one insert in the middle of the brochure. Instead of just making it a generic insert, try making it more creative. For example, you can create a pop-up element inside the brochure, where part of the paper pops up to create a different effect when it is fully opened. For a cosmetic company, the pop-up insert might be a lipstick-shaped piece of paper that comes up when the brochure is opened to reveal a new colour you are introducing. Also consider adding different textures to the pages inside your brochure.

Use a Professional Printer

In most cases, you shouldn't attempt to print the advertising materials yourself. Even with a good printer, it can be costly and just never comes out as good as when you go to a professional printer. It also simplifies the process when a printing company handles this aspect for you.