Two Ways to Simplify the Process of Creating Corporate Stationery for Your Company

If you need to have corporate stationery made for your company, here are a few tips that could help to simplify the process of having these items made. Find a business that will design and then print up your stationery If possible, you should have the stationery created by a business that can handle both the graphic design work as well as the printing up of your items rather than using two separate services. [Read More]

Essential Tips For Designing Printed Marketing Materials

Advertising a business requires using multiple methods, including local advertising. This is where the benefit of printed marketing materials and promotional products comes in. From brochures to postcards, it is important to design and print them with your potential customer in mind. Here are some tips to follow when designing your printed marketing materials. Be Consistent With the Style While each marketing material is going to be slightly different based on the intention, you still want to have the same general style. [Read More]

3 Things You Should Consider Adding To Your Cardboard Product Packaging Design

Cardboard is a great product packaging option. It's light, it's cheap, and it can be recycled to reduce your business' carbon footprint. If you have decided to go with cardboard as your packaging option, the next step of the process is to design your containers in anticipation of your target market. Apart from the obvious product name and safety handling information, read about 3 other things that should be on your cardboard containers. [Read More]

Two Ideas For The Eco-Friendly Graphic Designer

Considering the ever-increasing popularity of the concept of environmental awareness across all commercial sectors, those in the printing industry are increasingly being forced to adopt strategies aimed at reducing the negative environmental impact of their printing-related activities.   Adoption of the mentioned strategies is all the more important for graphic designers whose main business activity involves the use of computers and the internet for extended durations. As such, their main business activity contributes to environmental degradation through high energy consumption and through the production of various waste products. [Read More]