Print Paper Types for Your Ink-Jet Printer

Ink-jet printers use either dyes or pigments as the main ink types. Going to your local office supply or department store to choose a printer paper for your business printing job can be overwhelming: it's difficult to choose from the different kinds with varying weights, sizes, and brightness, especially if you don't know what each type is used for. Nonetheless, don't assume that when you're printing photos, either at home or a printing shop, you have to use a printer paper from the same company that made your printer. [Read More]

How to Judge Whether or Not Managed Print Services Is Suitable for Your Business

Managed print services is probably a term that you've heard about, however you may be uncertain whether or not the service can benefit your business; after all, the assumption is that printers and copiers are never hard to understand. Nonetheless, the critical question should not be how difficult understand printing devices is; rather ask yourself these 4 questions and find out the importance of managed printing services for your business. [Read More]

Daily Practices to Help You be an Effective Copier Sales Representative

Are you thinking of starting a photocopier sales business? You might have a copier capable of high output, but you should be a competent sales representative for you to realise much revenue. As you commence business, take time to understand the market. Who are your clients and what exactly do they want? Such understanding will enable you to satisfy the customers, establish a sales territory that will have you making consistent sales, and maintain profitability levels. [Read More]

Top 3 Benefits of Laser Printers Explained

As the duplication needs of modern-day businesses continue to grow in this digital age, there is increasing pressure to manufacture duplication machines that can make greater volumes of document copies at faster speeds. If you manage a large business that requires fast and efficient reproduction of document copies for its clients, here are a few vital reasons why you will need to acquire the services of laser printers. Economical to use in the long term [Read More]