Two Ways to Simplify the Process of Creating Corporate Stationery for Your Company

If you need to have corporate stationery made for your company, here are a few tips that could help to simplify the process of having these items made.

Find a business that will design and then print up your stationery

If possible, you should have the stationery created by a business that can handle both the graphic design work as well as the printing up of your items rather than using two separate services.

The reason for this is as follows; if you hire a graphic designer and then use another company's printing service, you may find the experience of having your stationery products created to be far more complicated than if you used one company that could handle both parts of this project.

For example, if you use two separate services and decide to get test prints of three different design options before you decide which design you will use, you will have to act as a type of middleman between these two businesses. You will, for instance, have to get the designs from the graphic designer, send them to the printing company to have the test prints created and then go back to the designer with the samples and have them help you determine which one is most suitable for your company. Then, when you pick the final design, you will have to go back to the printing company again.

Furthermore, using two separate services could result in the creation process taking far longer. For example, if your graphic designer takes a few days to respond to your request for the design samples and the printing company then takes another few days to print up and send the samples to you, it may take a week or more to complete this stage of the process. Conversely, if you used one company, the finished design samples made by the business' design team could be sent to their printing department in a matter of minutes rather than days.

Do a bit of research prior to approaching the company whose services you will be using

Before you get in touch with the business that will be designing and then printing up your corporate stationery, you should do some research. More specifically, you should try to find a few examples of styles of stationery that appeal to you and which you think might be suitable for your brand. Additionally, you might want to visit a stationery shop in person and see if there are specific types of paper texture, thickness and finishes (i.e. matte or gloss) that you like.

The reason for this is as follows; when you go to the company who will be handling this task for you, they will offer you an enormous selection of design ideas and printing options. If when they do this, you have absolutely no idea of what you want the finished stationery to look like, you will probably find yourself confused by the amount of choice you have been presented with and may find that, as a result of this, it takes you a lot longer to determine what you want the stationery to look like. If on the other hand, you arrive at this company's office armed with your own ideas and preferences, it should be much easier for you to quickly choose the right design and printing options.

Use these tips to find a graphic design company to work with.